Royal Holiday – A Worldwide Vacation Club

In 52 countries, more than 100,000 people count on Royal Holiday when planning their vacations. The company offers access to over 180 destinations in all, including resorts on every continent but Antarctica. Royal Holiday employees take pride in doing their jobs for members, whether that means assisting with a booking or explaining how membership works.

The core of the Royal Holiday experience revolves around membership levels and holiday credits. When joining the club, each member chooses a membership level. The levels range from Bronze to Royal, with Plus designations offering the same perks but additional holiday credits in between. The basic Bronze membership confers 5,000 holiday credits per year to the member, enough to book a seven-night cruise along the Mexican Riviera or four nights in a junior suite in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Silver membership doubles the number of credits, allowing for longer vacations, like an 11-night stay at the Copamarina Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, or trips to more expensive destinations like Salzburg, Austria. Silver to Gold represents another doubling of credits, opening up trips to far-flung destinations like South Africa and Indonesia. Gold to Platinum Plus means another doubling, and a Royal membership offers members 60,000 or more holiday credits, enough to book stays in exclusive accommodations like a presidential suite at the Palazzo al Velabro in Rome or St. Marks London in the United Kingdom.

The various membership levels at Royal Holiday provide different benefits as well. All memberships come with the 12 basic benefits offered at the Bronze level, which range from travel agency services and free guest certificates to the ability to buy and accumulate holiday credits or rent out holiday credits that will not be used during a year. Gold members and above can book vacations further in advance than other members, giving them first pick of the most prime destinations. Platinum members receive lower prices on purchasing extra holiday credits and going on special trips or tours. At the highest membership level, Royal members receive access to exclusive VIP services.

Over the years, Royal Holiday’s employees have provided top-notch service to members, and the company has been recognized with numerous awards as a result. In 2011, RCI gave several of its resorts the Gold Crown Award for offering high-quality vacations. In 2010, Royal Holiday received Gold Crown Awards and Silver Crown Awards from RCI, and the Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating. Prior years have seen the company’s resorts earn awards ranging from a “Top Hotel” ranking from Expedia to a Golden Apple Award from Apple Vacations to an ARDY award for interior design and architecture from The American Association of Developments and Resorts.

Past employees of Royal Holiday have also praised their jobs and the experience of working for the company. Jobs at Royal Holiday have been described as “open for your creativity and development,” a “very good working environment,” and more. Royal Holiday operates on three continents, running three service centers in Mexico and Central America, two in the Caribbean, five in South America, one in the United States, and one in Europe. For more information, visit the company’s main website at

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